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You can find evidence of my humanity in –

Visions For Chicago (also readable in full here)

The Journal of Aesthetics & Protest (article about The Free Store)

“The Power to Transform” (article/interview I wrote about Lauren Sugerman of Chicago Women in Trades)

that said, you can go to the Windy City Media Group website and see a handful of reviews and articles I wrote there years ago by searching for my name in the search bar…here’s one about a queer scholars conference at the University of Chicago in the year 2000

More to come!

music, soothing, beasts, 2016, etc.

My friend Mike P posted his music picks new and old for 2016 on the old FB mess-site and I’d like to follow suit … Here is new or old-but-new-to-me music I listened to and greatly enjoyed in 2016:

New (in no order):

Jamila Woods – HEAVN
Maxx Katz’s Floom project
David Bowie – Blackstar
Anthony Hamilton – What I’m Feelin’
James Blake – The Colour in Anything
Beyoncé – Lemonade
Thalia Zedek Band – Eve
Moor Mother – Fetish Bones
Shirley Collins – Lodestar

NOTE – I obviously am privileged to live with and be friends with many wonderful music makers that are always on constant rotation because they are great. But I wouldn’t expect them/you to post “Salem’s stand-up routine that I haven’t seen because she won’t let me go yet” on a 2016 list either.

Old-but-new-to-me (in no particular order):

Little Howlin’ Wolf – The Guardian (just reissued but orig 1982, does that make it new? re-new?)
Nick Jonas – Nick Jonas (2014)
Lida Husik – Bozo (1991)
Magazine – Real Life (1978)
Sabú (Héctor Jorge Ruiz, singer from Argentina) – Mon Amour (1974)
XTC – White Music (1978)
Judas Priest – Live on Old Grey Whistle Test (not an album as far as I know but the transmission is online, 1975)
Tink – Wet Dollars (2015 – single, yes)
ONO – Diegesis (2014)

You can also always listen to the mixes (sorry about the ads, that’s their bag!) I throw together on Youtube here:

Or come over to my house and listen to records! Shoot me a line if you ever are in Philadelphia and want to drink tea and listen up.

good time had by all scene reports #1

scene report from last night’s Richard Thompson / Bonnie Raitt concert:
RT was on point as always. The drummer in his touring band has really good posture. I can’t say anything bad about Richard Thompson, or even his beret, so I’ll just say that some of his fans were put on this earth to remind me why I didn’t join the Pep Squad in high school. The guy sitting next to S really loved to clap along in syncopation.
Several groups of middle-aged to older ladies in attendance. Group of ladies smoking by the will call were already drunk by the time I got there to find S and our tickets. One of them almost fell on the ground and another one grabbed her real quick and announced “Maureen’s already loaded!”
Bonnie Raitt is in really good shape and seemed honestly grateful for her fans. She opened with a cover of Inxs’ “Need You Tonight”, which is odd. The crowd was Dork Rock Lite which means that when Bonnie Raitt did her “I Can’t Make You Love Me” encore, one lady in front of me jumped up and pointed at her and screamed “YES – THAT’S MY SONG.”
The crowd also really loved Bonnie Raitt’s cover version of Rufus (ft. Chaka Khan)’s song “You’ve Got The Love” and showed their love by getting up out of their seats and jamming. A bunch of hips and butts moving around that probably haven’t moved like that in a few years means there was a super duper blast of ass sweat.
Bonnie’s drummer was in The Rutles. Bonnie did a Skip James cover. Richard Thompson came out and backed her up on “Dimming of the Day”. In the car on the way home, S and I discussed John Prine and the fact that we went to 5 or 6 weddings last year and this year have not been invited to one and that’s perfectly ok with us.

It’s a new mix, with Judas Priest and Melvins and the original version of “The Tide is High”. Are you ok if I just make mixtapes for a bit?

I have aspirations of essays but then they get lost of the shuffle of so much little talk.


I have some barriers with finishing things. Projects, research, full sentences. It’s not new, and no one’s fault but my own. Had three or four diaries growing up, each only has a handful of entries and I don’t reach the end.

So I’m attempting again as part of my daily life to finish something. Created this site, and now blogging.

Creative people always walk a tightrope with the amount of energy and information that we give out. If you want an audience, you have to tell them how you feel. If you want to appease your family, friends, employers, neighbors, sometimes you can’t say much. Then there’s the whole pearls before swine thing.

I have so many other places on the internet for short bursts of sharing what I think, but blogging is a whole other ballgame. This first post has been intimidating. I’ve given myself permission to not worry much about spelling and grammar here but I still find myself editing so much that there is nothing to see, nothing to read, nothing to say.

I’m exhausted and hoping that tomorrow is calm and easy.

Here’s some mixtapes I make on YouTube.