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(a continually updated post as I link items) You can find evidence of my humanity in – Visions For Chicago (also readable in full here) The Journal of Aesthetics & Protest (article about The Free Store) “The Power to Transform” (article/interview I wrote about Lauren Sugerman of Chicago Women in Trades) that said, you can […]

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old news

Here’s a video I made with Marc & Brett, my old collaborators in Temporary Services, in 2005 – I live for the day that someone says “Whaddya call it?” to me so I can reply with “Ode To Hero of the Future, Number 5”. If I had the opportunity to remake this, I would cut […]

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It’s a new mix, with Judas Priest and Melvins and the original version of “The Tide is High”. Are you ok if I just make mixtapes for a bit? I have aspirations of essays but then they get lost of the shuffle of so much little talk.  

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I have some barriers with finishing things. Projects, research, full sentences. It’s not new, and no one’s fault but my own. Had three or four diaries growing up, each only has a handful of entries and I don’t reach the end. So I’m attempting again as part of my daily life to finish something. Created […]

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